Wednesday, 19 October 2011

#24 Time's Great Healer

"How I long for the ravages of time to consume me, to see the lines and seams steal over this angelic mask, a fine filigree of fleshly decay.

I yearn for the spread of crow's feet around these bright eyes, for time's arrow to whither these sublime cheeks, for this sultry Cupid's bow to bend no more.

Then this wondrous nymph's body will sag and fray and settle into a comfortable middle age spread.

And then, only then, will I be free of the cameras, the lights, the public's never-ending Gorgon gaze. Their fascination, like this beautiful curse, forgotten."

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

#23 Animals

"We're animals man, nothing more than fucking animals, smart ones sure, but the beast's skin tight cage can get stretched awfully thin.

"Don't you ever want to go on the hunt? Run rampant, run with the pack, stalk through the shadowed night, howling at that moon, embracing the beast within?

"On the prowl, senses primed, child of the inner dark. Your blood surges as you catch the scent and muscle, bone and sinew answer. Pulse hammers, the chase is on, then the catch, the kill and you tear, rend and feed on the fallen, snout bloody and red.

"Content, belly full, a new scent emerges, one that whispers of heat, attraction, desire. You circle, teeth bared, wary, until the first bite, the taste, then you curl, writhe, go at it, fuck like animals. After, you curl up asleep in your lair, dozing uneasy dreams of your lost human self."

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Just a quick break in the 101 very short stories transmission today to let you know my first novel, Tom or the Peepers' and Voyeurs' Handbook has just been published on Kindle, iPhone, iPad and Kindle for PC and Android. You can buy a copy direct here on the Amazon store, or why not head on over to the Facebook page here and show it some Like love? Thanks!

Monday, 16 May 2011

#22 You have a new message...

"It is you who create our heart of darkness. You with your unquenchable thirst for the new black gold. You with your LOLs, your Facebook updates, your petty Twitterings, the empty all-consuming social media addiction which passes for your lives.

"There is no connected world here, no network, just the tears of our brutalised women and the silence of our dead children. 'Never again' you said, but Africa is not Europe and our untold millions never part of that equation.

"Resource cursed, our wealth has become our bane and I should hate you for what you have done to my country, my people, my beloved Kivu. Yet instead I pity you, for the stain of your crime can never be washed away, only atoned for.

"Act now, otherwise this is truly what you will have brought out of Africa."

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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

#21 Light

"What do I know? Perhaps much, probably little. Human relationships? Ah yes, them. So complex, so fragile, each swinging precariously on a silken pendulum, translucent, almost invisible, in a world of sharp edges.

One cannot truly find oneself in another, but we must become a slave to be set free, be able to look each other in the eye, be able to look each other in the soul and be content, fulfilled by what we see.

So if you would see these tender threads survive, flourish, even mature, only one piece of advice would I give: always be a light to each other, for all else is shade."

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

#20 Lifescore

Wake (+5) bolt breakfast (+5 indigestion), delays into Euston (+20 frustration +10 rage) but make office in nick of time (+5 work kudos). Light flirting with canteen girl (+10 self image), chug five cups of strong coffee (+4 motivation +4 gibbering +2 paranoia).

Plough through latest round of witless emails and dull memos (-20 motivation) but organise minions successfully and bribe with cake (+20 minion standing). Heated encounter with twat boss ends in furious shouting match (-20 career development, +10 personal satisfaction, +20 homicidal intentions).

Post-work extended drinks with lads (-60 sobriety, +20 camaraderie) results in unexpected but welcome sex with random attractive lovely (+50 serotonin boost, +30 ego, -10cc seminal fluid, +10 STI vulnerability). Blissful post-coital unconsciousness sets in (+20 rest & recuperation, +40 freaky dreams +5 dribbling into pillow).

Thursday, 3 March 2011

#19 Acts of War

They go from house to house, rounding up the innocents, while we stand, safety catches locked, doing nothing. It's orders, policy. Doors are kicked in, wailing villagers extracted, herded like cattle into a corral by the market. Even up wind we can smell their sweat, their fear. Peacekeeper, I spit and the word seems to settle there in the sand. Still we do nothing.

The sun scalds, bleaching the mud brick streets the colour of bone, so that even the shadows hide. Muzzles are raised, bolts drawn back, ready for the slaughter. The lieutenant mutters 'stay focussed' but there are orders and there is what is right. I am a man, before I am a soldier. I raise my rifle, the first butcher dies and now we are truly weapons free.

Monday, 7 February 2011

#18 Tripping on trains

Some people enjoy drinking in parks, I like tripping on trains. An off peak ticket, a mild(-ish) psychedelic and a window seat and the trip begins.

Beyond the verges of the city, we hurtle through the veins and arteries of the land, spectators in the midst of a moving feast, yet I'm the only one who sees. As the rush kicks in, the countryside unfolds like a rolling blanket, a verdant green wet dream of frolicking hills, gamboling rivers and dozing hamlets.

Colours, people, bleed into each other in a most euphoric way and even the very air seems pregnant with rapture and dreams.

Lofty skyscapes stretch toward eternity, like my mind it seems.